The day Pablo Escobar was killed – level 2


Pablo Escobar was born in Colombia. His criminal career started early when he was a teenager. He was stealing cars, selling illegal cigarettes, and illegal lottery tickets.

Later, Escobar began to organize kidnappings of local politicians and their family members.

Finally, he started to sell drugs. In the beginning, he and his brother were sending cocaine to the USA. People wanted cocaine very much, and Escobar’s business grew fast.

After some time, Escobar had his planes, helicopters, and two small submarines. He used them all for sending cocaine to the USA. At one point, Escobar’s cartel made 70 million US dollars a day.

For his business, Escobar paid many policemen, judges, and politicians. Those who tried to stop him were simply killed. Escobar’s power was great and growing.

Some people from the Colombian government and police were trying to catch him. They offered people money for information about his location. Escobar had to hide and change his location.

On December 2, 1993, the police found his location. There was a gunfight during which Pablo Escobar was killed. He was 44 years old.

Difficult words: career (a job which people do for a long time), kidnapping (a situation when somebody puts a person in prison illegally and wants money for their freedom), cartel (an organization that does crimes), gunfight (a fight in which people use guns).

What other tactics was Escobar known for in order to protect his criminal empire?


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