The day Pablo Escobar was killed – level 1


Pablo Escobar is from Colombia. When he is a teenager, he steals cars. He sells illegal cigarettes.

Then he starts to sell drugs. He works with his brother. They send cocaine to the USA. Cocaine is a drug. People want cocaine very much. Escobar’s business is bigger and bigger.

After some time, Escobar has planes, helicopters, and two small submarines. He uses them to send cocaine to the USA. At one point, Escobar and his people make 70 million US dollars a day.

For his business, Escobar pays many policemen and government officials. This way they will not stop him. When somebody is against him, he kills this person. Escobar is stronger and stronger.

Some people from the police in Colombia want to catch Escobar. They try to find his location.

On December 2, 1993, the police know his location. There is a fight. Pablo Escobar is killed in this fight. He is 44 years old.

Difficult words: steal (to take and not to pay), submarine (a ship which goes under water, and people live inside the ship), find (to know information about something).

What strategies did Pablo Escobar use to maintain his power and influence?


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