The day Ötzi was found – level 1


It is September 1991. Two German tourists are walking in the Ötztal Alps between Austria and Italy. The tourists are 3,210 meters above sea level. They decide to take a shorter way. They walk off the mountain path.

They see a body in the ice. They think that it is a dead mountaineer. Local authorities take the body out. They examine it.

The body is amazing. It is more than 5,000 years old. It is a mummy. Experts call the mummy Ötzi.

Ötzi is 160 centimeters tall. Ice keeps his body in a very good state. Experts learn a lot about Ötzi and his life. Ötzi is the oldest natural mummy in Europe.

Difficult words: mountaineer (a person who climbs mountains for sport), examine (to look at something closely and to learn more about it), mummy (a dead body that is very old and in a good state)

What new information have scientists been able to learn about Ötzi's life, based on the artifacts that have been discovered with him?


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