The day Osama bin Laden died – level 1


Osama bin Laden is born in Saudi Arabia. His family is rich. He goes to good schools.

In 1986, bin Laden goes to Afghanistan. He fights against the Russians in Afghanistan.

In 1990, American soldiers go to Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden doesn’t like it. He starts a war against the United States. He plans terrorist attacks. People die in these attacks.

Americans want to catch bin Laden. They can’t catch him for many years.

In 2010, Americans get information that bin Laden is in one house in Pakistan. The house is very well protected. American soldiers prepare the attack.

On May 2, 2011, American soldiers attack the house. Osama bin Laden dies in the attack.

Difficult words: fight (to be active in a war), soldier (a person in an army), attack (a moment when somebody uses a weapon), protected (when people are ready to stop attacks).

What factors contributed to Osama bin Laden's success at evading US forces for so many years?


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