The day of the Tunguska Event – level 3


On June 30, 1908, one of the largest and most mysterious explosions in human history happened in Eastern Siberia. Today it’s known as the Tunguska Event.

The explosion had the power of one thousand bombs dropped on Hiroshima. It broke windows 65 kilometers away. The airwaves were detected in Germany, Denmark, and Britain. It was so strong that seismic stations in Europe recorded an unusual earthquake.

The first who became interested in the event was Russian scientist Leonid Kulik. 19 years after the explosion, Kulik went with his expedition to the place where the explosion took place. He found a large area with 80 million trees that were dead, knocked down, burned, and without branches.

Kulik thought the explosion was caused by a fall of a meteoroid. However, he didn’t find any crater.

In the following years, many research expeditions went to the area. None of them managed to explain the origin of the explosion with certainty. The most likely theory was that a meteoroid about 100 meters in size exploded about 7 kilometers above the ground.

Difficult words: seismic station (a station that records earthquakes), meteoroid (a big stone that travels through space), crater (a round hole in the ground after an explosion), origin (why something happened), likely (probable).

What other theories have been proposed to explain the Tunguska Event?


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