The day of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean – level 1


It is Sunday morning. It is December 26, 2004. People start to come to the beaches in Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. They spend their dream holiday there.

At one moment, there is a big earthquake in the Indian Ocean. The earthquake pushes up the sea floor of the Indian Ocean. Millions of tons of water start to move.

The water is travelling 800 kilometers per hour. There is a big tsunami there. In some places, the tsunami is 30 meters high. The tsunami comes to the beaches fast. Many people don’t have time to run away.

The tsunami destroys many areas near the sea. 220,000 people die. 1.5 million people are homeless.

Difficult words: earthquake (a moment when the earth moves), sea floor (the ground at the bottom of the ocean), ton (1,000 kilograms), tsunami (a big wave after an earthquake), destroy (to break something very much).

What actions have been taken to protect coastal communities from potential future disasters like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami?


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