The day of the Phoenix Lights – level 2


On March 13, 1997, in the evening, people started to see big lights in the sky in Arizona. There were usually 5 lights in one big formation. The formation was 1.5 kilometers wide.

People also reported that the lights were moving quite low and without a sound. The lights were moving slowly and constantly.

The lights were seen by many people, including university professors, doctors, and pilots. One airport operator also saw them, and he was shocked when he saw lights in the sky, but he didn’t see anything on the radar.

Thousands of people saw this UFO, but they didn’t know what exactly it was. For a long time, the government didn’t want to give a clear answer.

Four months later, the army published an official statement. The army said that the objects were army flares.

Difficult words: formation (a shape), report (to describe a situation), UFO (unidentifiable flying objects), statement (official information), flare (a thing which produces light and is used as a signal).

What does the public now believe the cause of the Arizona lights in the sky to be?


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