The day of the oil disaster in Alaska – level 1


In 1989, The Gulf of Alaska is a place with beautiful nature. It is home to many animals and fish.

Big ships are also going through the Gulf. They are transporting oil from Alaska to Los Angeles. On March 24, 1989, one big ship hits the bottom of the sea. There is a hole in the ship. A lot of oil starts to go from the ship.

It is horrible for animals in the Gulf. The oil is on their bodies. The oil is killing them.

Ecologists come to the Gulf. They want to help the animals. They build special stations on the beaches of the Gulf. They try to clean the animals from oil. Unfortunately, they can help only a minimum of them.

TV stations all around the world show pictures of animals which are dying. The pictures are horrible. The oil kills many birds, big sea animals, and fish.

Difficult words: gulf (a part of the sea with the land on three sides), oil (a dark liquid for making petrol ), ecologist (a person who wants to help nature), unfortunately (when something bad happens).

What other measures could ecologists have taken to protect the animals in the Gulf of Alaska from the 1989 oil spill?


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