The day of the Hindenburg disaster – level 3


The Hindenburg was a German airship built in 1936 to transport people between Europe and America. With a length of almost 250 meters, it was the largest flying machine that humans had ever built. Up to 50 passengers could travel in comfort.

The first flight of the Hindenburg was across the Atlantic to Brazil and she successfully returned.

In 1936, she flew to America 17 times in total. Everything was without problems.

On May 3, 1937, the Hindenburg went on her first spring journey from Germany to the United States. There were 97 people on board. Apart from the strong wind, which caused a 12-hour delay, nothing special happened.

On May 6, 1937, the airship began her landing. At one point, flames appeared out of nowhere and the airship crashed. Although the whole catastrophe took place in just 40 seconds, 62 people managed to survive.

This disaster led directly to the end of the era of the giant airships.

Difficult words: airship (a large flying machine which is filled with gas), apart from (except), flames (a fire), although (even though).

What lessons do you think we should learn from the tragedy of the Hindenburg?


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