The day of the first Whitechapel murder – level 1


In 1888, Whitechapel is a part of London. It is a very bad place. It is full of unemployed workers, drunk men, thieves, and prostitutes. The situation is so bad that half of the children die before they are five years old.

At Whitechapel, more than 1,200 prostitutes wait for their customers every day. On April 3, 1888, one of them is attacked. She dies in hospital a day later.

More attacks on women come. Some of them are very similar. The women are always poor prostitutes. Their bodies are  open with a knife. People start to believe that one person is the killer of these women.

One day, a newspaper gets a letter. The letter says that Jack the Ripper is the killer.

Altogether, eleven women die. The police never catch the killer.

Difficult words: unemployed (without a job), attacked (when one person hurts another person), killer (a person who kills), newspaper (a company which writes a newspaper).

What would have been the consequence if Jack the Ripper had been caught and brought to justice?


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