The day of the first US presidential election – level 1


It is December 15, 1788. It is time when the election starts in the US. People choose their first president. The election ends on January 10, 1789.

The election is long because communication between states is very slow. There is no telephone in 1788. There is no telegraph in 1788.

George Washington is very popular. He is a man who wins a war against England. There is no other candidate who can win.

In 1788, there are only 10 states in the US. 69 people from these states can choose the president. All 69 people choose George Washington. He is the first president of the United States.

Difficult words: election (when people choose somebody for a job), choose (to take one from more possibilities), communication (the situation when people talk or write to other people), telegraph (a way to talk when you send information through a wire), other (next), candidate (somebody who people can choose for a job).

How did the 69 people spread news and information about the election in 1788?


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