The day of the first Formula One race – level 2


Car races started in 1895. After some time, there were championships in individual countries. There was also the idea of a world championship, but nobody was able to organize it for many years.

After World War II, the International Automobile Federation started to prepare a world championship. The federation published a set of rules for cars that wanted to race in the championship. The set of rules for the strongest category was named Formula One. Its winner would become the world champion.

On May 13, 1950, the first Formula One race took place in England. The king and his wife were among the 200,000 spectators. It was the first time in history when the English king personally attended a motor racing event.

Twenty-one drivers with cars of five brands took part in the first race. The race was completely dominated by Italian Alfa Romeo cars. They took all the first three places, and Giuseppe Farina was the winner.

Difficult words: race (a competition in which people want to be the fastest), championship (a big competition to find who is the best in one sport), set (a group of similar things), take place (to happen), spectator (somebody who is watching a race), attend (to visit), brand (a name which is on all the products from one company).

What other sporting events does the International Automobile Federation organize, and what changes has it made to regulations since the first Formula One race in 1950?


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