The day of the first 100 meters dive – level 3


Frenchman Jacques Mayol was born in 1927 in Shanghai. He loved the sea and was fascinated by dolphins. He spent a lot of time with them and learned from them how to live under water. He learned how to control his body very well, and he could spend up to 4 minutes under water without breathing.

In the 60s, he met Enzo Maiorca from Italy, who was the first person to dive 50 meters deep without an oxygen device. They became friends, but also great rivals, who constantly competed with each other for who would dive deeper. This rivalry lasted ten years. They dived deeper and deeper, but the 100-meter limit hadn’t been broken yet.

Then November 23, 1976 came. Jacques Mayol, who was 49 years old at that time, tried to dive to a magical depth of 100 meters. He was successful and became the first person in history to go so deep without using any oxygen device but just his breath.

Difficult words: oxygen (a gas which is important for breathing), device (a machine), last (to take some time), depth (the distance from the top to the bottom).

What other accomplishments or achievements did Jacques Mayol accomplish during his career as a professional diver?


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