The day of the fall of Constantinople – level 3


The fall of Constantinople, today’s Istanbul, occurred on May 29, 1453, after a siege of 53 days, when the Ottoman army breached the walls of the city and captured it.

Constantinople had been the capital of the Byzantine Empire for over a thousand years and was one of the most important and wealthiest cities in Europe.

The fall of Constantinople marked the end of the Byzantine Empire, and the beginning of the Ottoman Empire, which became a major world power and lasted until the early 20th century.

Difficult words: siege (a situation when an army blocks a castle or city), breach (to break a hole in a wall), Ottoman Empire (an empire centered in today’s Turkey between 14th and 20th century that controlled Southeast Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa).

What were the long-term geopolitical implications of the fall of Constantinople and the rise of the Ottoman Empire?


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