The day of the bombing of Dresden – level 2


It was the beginning of February 1945, and World War II was coming to an end. The Russian soldiers were coming from the east and they were only 100 kilometers from Berlin. The Russians asked the American and the British soldiers to bomb big German cities. It would help the Russians in their fight.

Dresden was a German city with many beautiful buildings. In February 1945, there were a million people living there. Dresden was the only big German city which wasn’t attacked by bombs before.

February 13, 1945, changed everything. The first of four air attacks came. 1,249 planes were used in these attacks which took three days. The goal was to destroy the city center, the railway station, and factories.

When the bombs fell, the whole city was on fire. People couldn’t breathe in their shelters because the fire sucked out all the oxygen from them. The fire was so big that it took three days to stop it. The air attacks destroyed the city and killed 25,000 people.

Difficult words: be on fire (to be burning), shelter (a place where you can hide), suck out from (to take something out of something).

What did the Americans and British soldiers do to Dresden?


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