The day of the biggest protest against the Vietnam War – level 3


1969 wasn’t a good year for the USA. Coffins with soldiers’ bodies kept coming back from Vietnam where Americans were involved in the war. The number of Americans directly affected by the Vietnam War had grown dramatically.

People had had enough. A wave of hatred against the war spread throughout the whole nation. People started to demonstrate to end the war.

On November 15, 1969, more than half a million people gathered in Washington D.C. People marched through the streets demanding one thing: to end the war.

There were demonstrations in other American cities, too. A total of 2 million people took part in demonstrations.

The protests were strong. However, it took three more years for the US army to leave Vietnam.

Difficult words: coffin (a long box for a dead body), hatred (an angry feeling of extreme dislike), spread (to become big and move to many areas), gather (to meet), take part in (to be present at some event).

What other events took place during the Vietnam War that made the American public call for an end to the war?


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