The day of the Battle of Waterloo – level 1


In 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte is the leader of France. He is only 35 years old.

Napoleon has a big empire. Many countries are in his empire. These countries are Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. It is not enough for Napoleon. He wants more. He wants to control Russia, too.

Napoleon prepares a big army. His army has 680,000 men. They go to Russia. The Russian army is strong. The Russian army wins.

After the war with Russia, Napoleon’s army has only 27,000 men. His army is very weak. The next battle is in 1813 in Germany. The armies of Austria, Germany, and Russia are against the French army. The French army loses again. It is the end for Napoleon. He goes to prison.

In 1815, Napoleon runs away from prison. He goes to Paris. He starts to control France again. He starts to prepare for a new war. The war is against the British and the Germans.

The final battle comes soon. The two armies meet near the village of Waterloo in Belgium. It is June 18, 1815. The French army loses again. Now, it is the real end for Napoleon. He must go to a far away island. The island is in the Atlantic Ocean. He dies there as a prisoner.

Difficult words: empire (a group of countries who have only one leader), army (many soldiers), far away (not near).

What events led to Napoleon's downfall and eventual death as a prisoner on a faraway island in the Atlantic Ocean?


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