The day of the Battle of Normandy – level 3


In May 1943, the United States decided to undertake an invasion of France and free it from German rule. They decided to land at the coast of Normandy in northwest France. The coast was well protected by the Germans. It was a difficult operation that needed to be well prepared. The British and the Canadians also took part in this operation.

The operation had several phases. First, divers were sent to discover where underwater bombs were. Then, on June 6, 1944, 25,000 parachutists landed on the French coast, and almost 7,000 ships sailed from English ports, the largest fleet in human history.

The landing itself was a massacre. The Germans had a lot of machine guns on the coast, and they immediately began firing on the attacking American soldiers. Some died in the water and didn’t even reach the beach.

The first wave of landings had huge losses of over 50%. In a few hours, 2,500 Americans died. Then so many American soldiers landed on the beach that the Germans could no longer resist.

The Americans, along with the English, slowly began to advance inland and liberated France step by step.

On August 25, 1944, Paris was liberated.

Difficult words: undertake (to do), fleet (a group of ships), machine gun (a gun that fires very quickly), resist (to stop from happening), inland (in a direction away from the coast).

What were the major challenges that the Allied forces faced when planning for the invasion of Normandy?


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