The day of Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans – level 2


On August 25, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit Florida. 2 million people were without electricity and fourteen people died.

The next day, the hurricane moved towards New Orleans. People in the city were asked to evacuate. Not all people were able to do it. Many of them stayed in the city.

On August 29, Katrina hit New Orleans. Most of the city was below the level of the nearby lake. Anti-flood barriers were old and weak. Katrina was too strong for them.

The rain from Katrina raised the level of water in the lake, and the anti-flood barriers broke. Water began to go into the city. It quickly flooded most of the city. In some places, the water was 6 meters high.

Some people started to steal from shops. The army had to come to calm down the situation.

Katrina took 1,800 lives.

Difficult words: towards (in the direction of), nearby (near), raise (to put in a higher position), calm down (to make calmer).

What was the long-term impact of Hurricane Katrina on the people of New Orleans?


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