The day of a successful vaccination – level 1


Smallpox is a very dangerous illness. It kills people. Cowpox is also an illness but it isn’t so dangerous.

Edward Jenner is a doctor. He sees that people who catch cowpox are immune to smallpox.

On May 14, 1796, Jenner takes material from cowpox and injects it into the arm of a small boy.

After that, the boy has a fever, but he isn’t very ill. He is also immune to smallpox.

The Jenner’s vaccine is successful.

The word “vaccine” comes from the Latin word for cow, “vacca.”

Difficult words: smallpox (a dangerous disease which can kill people), cowpox (a disease of cows and sometimes people), immune (resistant to a disease), inject (to use a needle to put a drug into a body).

What did the Latin word "vacca" mean?


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