The day North Korea conquered Seoul – level 3


After World War II, the Korean peninsula was divided into a Soviet zone in the north and an American zone in the south. The border was the 38th parallel. Neither side accepted the border as permanent, and both wanted to control the whole peninsula.

On June 25, 1950, an army of 175,000 soldiers crossed the border from North Korea. South Korea had fewer than a hundred thousand less armed soldiers. South Korea was unable to resist the attack, and on June 28, North Korean troops armed with Soviet tanks entered the capital, Seoul.

South Korean troops were then pushed to the far south of the country. They managed to defend this last piece of land with the great support of the Americans. Then, the counterattack started, and on September 25, Seoul was freed.

Then, the Americans pushed the opponents to the mountains in the north close to the border with China. The Chinese army was waiting at the border and soon entered the war. Seoul was lost again. Then, the Americans pushed the Chinese back.

The war was 3 years long. On July 27, 1953, both sides agreed to stop fighting and restore the original border along the 38th parallel.

Difficult words: peninsula (a piece of land with sea on three sides), parallel (a horizontal line on a map of the Earth), neither (not one), armed (having weapons), resist (to be against something and stop it).

What were the main events and key players involved in the Korean War, and how did it ultimately end?


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