The day North Korea conquered Seoul – level 1


After World War II, Korea has two parts. These parts are North Korea and South Korea. Both countries want to control the whole of Korea.

It is June 25, 1950. 175,000 soldiers from North Korea go to South Korea. South Korea has only 100,000 soldiers. North Korea has better weapons. North Korea is stronger. On June 28, North Korean soldiers start to control the capital of Seoul.

Americans come and they help South Korea. The Americans prepare a counterattack. On 25 September, Seoul is free again.

Then, the Americans push the North Korean army to the mountains in the north next to the border with China. The Chinese army is waiting at the border. The Chinese army helps North Korea. Seoul is lost again. Then, the Americans push the Chinese back.

The war is 3 years long. On July 27, 1953, both countries stop the war. They control the same parts of Korea as before the war.

Difficult words: both (two), weapon (a knife, bomb, or gun), capital (an important city with a government), counterattack (an attack against people who attack you), border (a line between two countries).

What were the major events that occurred during the Korean War and how did they ultimately lead to a stalemate between North Korea and South Korea?


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