The day Nelson Mandela became president – level 2


Nelson Mandela was born in times when the white people lived in prosperity in his country, but black people in South Africa were poor. Both groups had different rights. There were separated restaurants, hospitals, and schools. The black people had no right to vote.

Mandela wanted to change the situation. He organized non-violent demonstrations and he wanted to stop the segregation.

After some time, Mandela understood that non-violent demonstrations couldn’t change much. He joined fighters who attacked military targets. He was arrested and he got a life sentence.

He was released after 27 years. He agreed not to fight with weapons, but he continued his work on bringing democracy to South Africa.

A democratic election came in 1994. On May 10, 1994, Mandela became president of South Africa.

Difficult words: right (what you can do), vote (to choose people for your government), non-violent (peaceful), segregation (when people of different races are kept separate), sentence (a punishment which a judge gives), election (a moment when people choose their government).

What lessons can we learn from Mandela's struggle for freedom and equality in South Africa?


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