The day Nelson Mandela became president – level 1


Nelson Mandela is born in South Africa in 1918. White people in South Africa are rich. Black people are poor. Both groups have different rights. There are separated restaurants, hospitals, and schools. The black people have no right to vote.

Mandela wants to change the situation. He organizes peaceful demonstrations.

After some time, Mandela understands that peaceful demonstrations can’t change much. He starts to work with people who fight with weapons. He is arrested. He goes to prison.

He comes out of prison after 27 years. He continues his work. Now his work is peaceful. He wants to bring democracy to South Africa. He is successful.

In 1994, all people in South Africa can vote. On May 10, 1994, Mandela is president of South Africa.

Difficult words: right (what you can do), separated (not together), vote (to choose people for your government), peaceful (without fighting), arrested (when the police catch somebody).

What actions taken by Mandela do you feel had the greatest impact in achieving democracy for South Africa?


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