The day Nautilus traveled under the North Pole – level 1


Nautilus is a US submarine. Its name is the same as the name of the submarine from a famous book by Jules Verne.

In 1958, the submarine wants to go to the North Pole. The journey starts in Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The submarine travels north to the place where the ice starts, and then it goes under the ice. On August 3, 1958, Nautilus reaches the North Pole. It is the first submarine which reaches the North Pole.

The journey under the ice is 2,940 km long and it takes 96 hours.

The submarine then continues to the Atlantic Ocean, and it emerges near Greenland.

Difficult words: submarine (a machine for traveling under water), reach (to get to some place), emerge (to go above water).

What is the name of the famous book by Jules Verne involving a submarine?


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