The day NATO was founded – level 1


After World War II, Berlin has two parts. There is the western part and the eastern part. The Soviets control the eastern part.

In 1948, the Soviets start to block the western part of Berlin. Trains can’t go to West Berlin., People in West Berlin still need food and other important things.

The Americans, the British, and the French have a plan to help West Berlin. They make an air bridge. They send many planes every day to West Berlin. The planes bring food and other important things.

The Soviets block the city for a year. the West still continues with the air bridge. Then, the Soviets stop the block.

After this incident, the West understands that the Soviets are very strong in Europe. The West needs some opposition to the Soviets.

On April 4, 1949, NATO is founded in Washington. NATO is founded by 10 countries in Europe, the USA, and Canada. NATO is an organization for help during a war. If somebody attacks one country in NATO, all other countries come to help.

It is interesting that from 1949 to 1991, NATO doesn’t need to fight in a war.

Difficult words: Soviets (people in the Soviet Union), the West (Western Europe and North America), incident (an important moment), opposition (the people who are against you), founded (started).

What impact did NATO have on Europe during the Cold War?


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