The day Mount St. Helens erupts – level 1


Mount St. Helens is a volcano. It is in the US. It erupts in March 1980. It is one of the biggest disasters in US history.

Small earthquakes happen near Mount St. Helens before the eruption. Scientists worry. They think that the volcano will erupt. People must not come close to the volcano. It is very dangerous.

A big earthquake happens on May 18. It happens below the volcano. A part of the volcano starts to move. It moves very fast.

Hot gas and lava come out from the volcano. The volcano erupts. About 600 square kilometers of forest burn. 57 people die. The eruption destroys 200 houses.

Difficult words: disaster (when something very bad happens), eruption (when a volcano becomes active), lava (very got rock which flows out from a volcano).

What are some of the preventative measures taken by scientists and local officials to protect people near Mount St. Helens in the event of an eruption?


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