The day Louis XVI was executed – level 3


In the eighteenth century, France was a country of two very different worlds. Ordinary people suffered in extreme poverty, with their earnings not being enough even to buy bread, while nobles lived their lives in great luxury.

Unsurprisingly, ordinary people demanded equality for all, and they began to arm themselves. The Bastille came under attack and looting of castles all over France began. The French Revolution broke out.

King Louis XVI decided to flee France. However, during his escape, he was caught before he reached the borders, and he was returned to Paris. His attempt to escape from France was considered to be an act of treason.

People took Louis XVI to court where he was found guilty. He was executed on January 21, 1793. His death was a major milestone in the revolution. Then, a republic was declared and power was given to the people.

Difficult words: noble (a person who belongs to the highest social class), Bastille (an old prison in Paris), arm (to get weapons), loot (to steal from houses or businesses during a revolution or a riot), break out (to start), flee (to run away from), treason (a moment when somebody is disloyal to a country), milestone (an important moment in history).

What were the circumstances leading up to the execution of Louis XVI?


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