The day Louis XVI was executed – level 1


It is the eighteenth century. Two groups of people live in France. Some people are very poor. Sometimes they don’t have money to buy bread. Some people are very rich. They live in castles. They have a good life.

It is logical that the poor people aren’t happy. They start to plan an attack. They attack the Bastille. The French Revolution starts.

King Louis XVI tries to run away from France. But people catch him. They put him in prison. Then, he is killed on January 21, 1793. His death is an important moment in the revolution. After his death, France becomes a republic.

Difficult words: century (100 years), castle (a big house where the king lives), logical (understandable), Bastille (an old prison in Paris), catch (to stop somebody who wants to run away), republic (a government where the people decode their leaders).

What were the consequences of the death of King Louis XVI for the French Revolution?


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