The day John Lennon was murdered – level 3


John Lennon is a famous singer and songwriter from the Beatles. In 1980, he lives in New York. A 25-year-old man arrives from Hawaii to meet Lennon. The man suffers from mental health problems. He buys Lennon’s latest album and wants to have it signed.

The man has been waiting for Lennon for 10 days and they finally meet on December 8 in the afternoon. They meet in front of Lennon’s house in New York where Lennon signs the album for the man.

Six hours later, the man returns to the same place. He is waiting for Lennon again. When Lennon comes home at 11 p.m., a voice calls to him from the darkness. Before Lennon is able to turn around, he is hit by 5 bullets. He dies in a few minutes.

At that moment, the story of one of the greatest legends of all time ends. After the murder, the murderer sits quietly on the sidewalk waiting for the police to arrive. He is reading a book.

The murderer pleads guilty and gets a life sentence.

Difficult words: murder (the crime when one person kills another), murderer (someone who murders another person), plead guilty (to say that you are guilty of a crime), sentence (a punishment for somebody who is guilty of a crime).

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