The day James Cook reached Australia – level 1


It is 1768. James Cook starts a new journey. He goes on a ship. He goes to the Pacific Ocean. He wants to find a new continent there. Some people in Europe say that this new continent is very rich. James Cook wants this new continent for Britain.

First, Cook goes around South America. Then he goes to Tahiti. People in Tahiti tell him that there is no big continent nearby.

This information doesn’t stop Cook. He continues his journey west. He finds New Zealand. New Zealand is only two big islands. So Cook continues west.

On April 19, 1770, he comes to Australia. He comes to the part of Australia where Sydney is now. People from his expedition find a lot of new flowers and animals in Australia. They are happy.

Then, Cook goes north around Australia. He says that now Australia is a British territory.

18 years later, Britain sends 11 ships to Australia. A lot of people on the ships are prisoners. During many years, Britain sends 160,000 prisoners to Australia. When the prisoners finish their time in prison, they stay in Australia. They get a piece of land and start a normal life there.

Difficult words: journey (a long way), continent (a very big land with sea around), expedition (a long and organized journey), territory (the land which is under control of one country), prisoner (a person in a prison).

What difficulties did James Cook face on his journey and how did he overcome them?


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