The day Gandhi went on the Salt March – level 1


The Salt March is in India. It is a peaceful march. Mahatma Gandhi is the leader of the march. The march is against British control over India.

The march starts on March 12, 1930. Gandhi and 80 people start their 390-kilometer journey to the sea.

The march is a protest against the British monopoly on salt production in India. People are protesting because salt is very expensive for many Indians.

Gandhi and his people walk for 24 days. They visit towns and villages. They speak about peaceful protest.

On April 6, 1930, Gandhi comes to the sea. He and his people make salt from seawater. It is against the law. After this moment, many Indians break the salt law too.

The Salt March is an important moment in India’s fight for independence.

Difficult words: march (an organized walk), peaceful (full of peace), independence (when nobody controls you).

What impact did the Salt March have on India's independence movement?


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