The day four pirates attacked a big ship – level 3


In 2009, a group of Somali pirates launched an attack on a US cargo ship 440 km southeast of Somalia.

The attack took place on April 8, 2009, and the US ship carrying food for Somalia and Uganda had a crew of 23.

Four armed Somali men boarded the ship using a boat and attempted to hijack it. However, the crew of the ship led by their captain fought back against the attackers. After a tense standoff, the pirates eventually took the captain hostage and fled in a lifeboat, which was later surrounded by US Navy ships.

After a failed negotiation attempt, US soldiers shot and killed three of the pirates, while the fourth pirate surrendered and was taken into custody.

The captain was rescued unharmed and the remaining crew members were also safely rescued.

Difficult words: cargo (goods carried in a ship), hijack (to take control of a ship illegally), standoff (a situation when nothing is changing during a fight), hostage (a prisoner for whom somebody wants something).

What impact did this incident have on international efforts to combat piracy in the region?


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