The day four pirates attacked a big ship – level 1


In 2009, four Somali pirates attack a US ship. It happens 440 km southeast of Somalia. The attack is on April 8, 2009.

The US ship is carrying food for Somalia and Uganda. There are 23 people on board the ship.

The pirates board the ship. They try to take control over the ship, but they aren’t successful.

Later, the pirates leave the ship on a small boat, but they take the captain as a prisoner.

After some time, US ships arrive. They try to negotiate with the pirates.

The negotiations aren’t successful. Then, the US soldiers kill three of the pirates. They put the fourth pirate in prison.

The captain is safe. The other people from the ship are safe too.

Difficult words: board (to get on a ship), negotiate (to try to find an agreement).

What actions did the US take to ensure the safe return of the captain and crew?


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