The day Fidel Castro took control over Cuba – level 3


In 1956, after attacks from the Cuban government’s army, revolutionary Fidel Castro finds himself with only 19 men in the mountains. From this moment, he begins his journey to power.

In the beginning, he and his men launch attacks on small groups of the Cuban army to obtain weapons.

Gradually, Castro convinces more and more people around him of his truth and they start to believe in a better future.

The number of people who take part in the attacks on the government soldiers grows until it becomes a mass uprising and the president of Cuba, Fulgencio Batista, has to flee the country.

On January 2, 1959, revolutionaries occupy the largest cities without a fight. People are happy but no one knows what will follow.

On January 9, 1959 Fidel Castro comes to Havana, Cuba, with men who until now have fought somewhere in the mountains. From now on, they will rule Cuba.

A totalitarian government of one party is established. It brings times of executions, censorship, and extreme economic experiments.

Hundreds of thousands of people flee by boat towards the American shores, which are only 150 kilometres away.

Difficult words: revolutionary (a person who supports a revolution, a large change in a country), launch (start), mass uprising (a large rebellion), flee (to run away), totalitarian (a government that has all the control), established (started), execution (when somebody is killed as a legal punishment).

What was the Cuban Revolution?


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