The day communists took control over Russia – level 1


It is November 7, 1917. Bolsheviks in Saint Petersburg are preparing an attack. The attack is on one building. It is the building of the government of Russia. The building isn’t very well protected.

When the Bolsheviks attack, there is a short fight. The defenders stop the fight quickly. They let the Bolsheviks take over the building. The Bolsheviks put the people from the government in prison.

Soon terror starts in Russia. The Bolsheviks kill many people from the opposition. Then, the civil war begins between the Bolsheviks and the opposition.

The Bolsheviks win in 1920. At the end of the civil war, Russia is in a bad economic situation. There are 8 million people dead.

Difficult words: Bolshevik (somebody from the communist party in Russia in 1917), government (bosses of a country), defender (a person who protects something), civil war (a war between two groups of people in one country).

What were the key factors that enabled the Bolsheviks to win the civil war against the opposition?


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