The day Chilean miners were rescued – level 1


On August 5, an accident happens in a mine in Chile. 33 miners must stay underground. They can’t go outside because the roof of the mine is down. The miners must stay in a small and dark room. They don’t have a lot of food and water. They must wait.

People want to rescue the miners. First, they must find the miners. It is very difficult, but after 17 days, people find the minors. The miners are 670 meters underground. From that moment, people are sending food and water through an 8 cm hole.

People start to work on a plan for how to take the miners from underground. People make a bigger hole through the rock. They also make a special box. People transport the miners up in this special box.

On October 13, after 69 days, the miners are safe. They can meet their families and friends.

Difficult words: mine (a hole where miners work), miner (a person who brings metals from under the ground), rescue (to save somebody from a dangerous situation).

What challenges did rescuers have to overcome to save the miners successfully?


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