The day Caesar crossed the Rubicon – level 1

10-01-49 BC

Two thousand years ago, Rome is a republic. Rome is very big. Many countries are part of Rome. Three leaders control Rome. One of the leaders is Julius Caesar.

Caesar wants to control more countries. He wants to control Gaul. Gaul is a part of France. Caesar goes to Gaul.

Caesar is a very good leader. Soldiers in his army are ready to fight for him. They win many battles. Caesar is rich and popular. He is so popular that people in Rome start to fear him.

In 50 BC, leaders in Rome tell Caesar to return to Rome. Caesar prepares his army for the way home. They start their way home.

On January 10, 49 BC, Caesar’s army reaches the border of the Roman Empire. The border is the Rubicon River. The law says that an army leader can return to Rome only without his army.

Caesar breaks this law. He crosses the Rubicon River with his army. He is on the way to Rome. When Caesar comes to Rome, he fights. He wins. He makes new laws. He is a dictator. He is a leader that everyone has to follow. He is the only leader of the Roman Empire.

Difficult words: fear (to be scared of something), return (to come back), reach (to come to a place), border (a line between two countries), law (a rule which says what people must do in a country), break (not to follow a law), cross (to go over something).

What effects did Caesar have on the Roman Empire after he crossed the Rubicon River with his army?


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