The day Alan Eustace made a free-fall jump – level 1


On October 24, 2014, Alan Eustace, jumps from the stratosphere. The jump is in New Mexico.

Before the jump, Eustace must go up 41,425 meters. He uses a special balloon which takes him up. When he is very high, he starts to fall back to earth.

His fall is 4 minutes and 27 seconds long. The maximum speed is 1,323 km/h.

Eustace’s jump is not easy. He must wear a special suit. The suit protects him from the extreme conditions high in the stratosphere.

The jump needs a lot of preparation. Eustace has a team of engineers and scientists. They prepare everything very well and the jump is a success.

Difficult words: stratosphere (air from 10 to 50 km above the Earth), conditions (things around you), success (when you get what you want).

What challenges did the team of engineers and scientists face in order to make Eustace's stratosphere jump successful?


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