The day Al Capone went to prison – level 1


It is 1925. Al Capone lives in Chicago. He is a gangster. He is also a businessman.

He controls important people in Chicago He controls the police, politicians, lawyers, journalists, and also judges. Al Capone has a big gang. They kill people who are against them.

Al Capone makes his money on illegal business with alcohol. He has always a good alibi.

Then, Al Capone makes a mistake. He doesn’t pay taxes. A judge sends Al Capone to prison for 11 years.

On May 4, 1932, he goes to prison in Atlanta. From the prison, he continues to control his business.

After some time, he goes to Alcatraz. In Alcatraz, he is completely isolated from the outside world.

Difficult words: judge (a person who sends criminals to prison), illegal (not legal), alibi (something which shows that you don’t do an illegal thing), tax (money which you pay to the government), Alcatraz (a prison in the USA), isolated (when you have no contact with other people).

How did Al Capone manage to control his business while he was in prison?


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