The day Adolf Hitler died – level 1


Germany loses the battle at Stalingrad in 1943. After this loss, Adolf Hitler starts to change. He is more nervous. His left hand is shaking.

Then in July 1944, somebody tries to kill him. He survives the attack but his health isn’t good. It is difficult for him to move. He can’t keep his balance.

In January 1945, Hitler goes to his underground bunker in Berlin. Only some people stay with him.

When World War II is coming to an end in April, Hitler is still in his bunker. He prepares his poison. He writes his last will.

On April 30, 1945, he prepares a revolver and the poison. After lunch, he and his wife say goodbye to their family and friends. Then they go to their room.

Next people hear a shot. Adolf Hitler is dead. His wife takes the poison. She is dead, too.

Difficult words: survive (to live after an accident), health (the situation of your body), bunker (a place underground which is difficult to destroy), still (when something continues), poison (a thing which can kill you if you eat it), will (a document which says what must happen with your money after you die), shot (the sound of a gun).

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