The day Adolf Eichmann was convicted – level 3


Adolf Eichmann was a Nazi and one of the main organizers of the Holocaust during World War II. He figured out how to transport hundreds of thousands of European Jews to the gas chambers in the most effective way.

When the war was over, Eichmann changed his name and pretended to be someone else. He decided to run away to Argentina, and he started a new life there. His wife and three children also came to Argentina.

Nobody knew about Adolf Eichmann for years. Then, a girl from a Jewish family in Buenos Aires who was dating a young man with the same surname, Eichmann, got a suspicion that his father might be a former Nazi. The information was passed on to Nazi hunters.

Israel secret service agents were sent to Argentina. Adolf Eichmann was kidnapped and transported to Israel where he stood trial. Eichmann was found guilty of many crimes. On December 15, 1961, a sentence was passed – death penalty by hanging.

Difficult words: Nazi (a member of the National Socialist Party in Germany), Holocaust (the killing of millions of Jews and other people by the Nazis), figure out (to come up with a solution), chamber (a room used for a special purpose), suspicion (a feeling that somebody did something bad), Nazi hunter (a person who tries to find former Nazis), stand trial (to be judged in a court of law), sentence (a punishment given by a judge).

What was Adolf Eichmann's motive for helping to transport so many Jews to the gas chambers in the Holocaust?


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