The day Adolf Eichmann was convicted – level 1


Adolf Eichmann is a Nazi. He organizes the transport of many European Jews to the concentration camps.

When World War II is finished, Eichmann runs away to Argentina. He starts a new life there. His wife and three children also come to Argentina.

Nobody knows about Adolf Eichmann for many years. Then, his son has a girlfriend from a Jewish family in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The girlfriend starts to think that her boyfriend’s father can be a Nazi. The Nazi hunters get this information.

Israel sends special agents to Argentina. They catch Eichmann. They transport him secretly to Israel.

People in Israel take Eichmann to court. They say that Eichmann is guilty of many crimes. On December 15, 1961, he gets a sentence. His sentence is the death penalty by hanging.

Difficult words: Nazi (a member of the National Socialist Party in Germany in World War II), transport (movement of something), concentration camp (a place where you keep many people), Nazi hunter (a person who tries to find Nazis), agent (a person with a special job), secretly (when you don’t tell other people), court (the place where people are judged), guilty (responsible for a crime), sentence (a punishment from a judge), hanging (death by a rope or something around your neck that makes you not breathe).

What consequences could Eichmann's capture and trial have for Nazi hunters in the future?


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