The day a private spaceship flew to space – level 1


X Prize is a competition. It starts in 1995. The competition is for teams who want to build a special private spaceship. The spaceship must take three people. It must fly 100 kilometers high. 100 kilometers above the sea is a place where outer space starts.

Twenty-six teams from around the world try to win the prize. The prize is $10 million.

The first private spaceship flies to space on September 29, 2004. The name of the spaceship is SpaceShipOne.

The winner of the competition wins $10 million. $100 million is invested in new technologies during the competition.

Difficult words: prize (a thing or money which you get when you win), competition (a moment when one person wants to be better than the other person), spaceship (a plane which can fly in space), above (over), outer space (the area higher than 100 kilometers), invest (to spend money).

What other prizes have been awarded through X Prize competitions?


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