The day the first website was published – level 1


Tim Berners-Lee is born in 1955. He is from London. His parents like computers. Tim likes computers too. Tim makes his first computer when he is a student.

After his university, he works in Switzerland. In 1980, he makes a program which connects two computers in one company. It is fantastic.

Tim wants more. He wants to connect computers all around the world. He makes a new program which can connect all computers.

It is August 6, 1989. Tim publishes the first website on the Internet. It is the beginning of something new. Thanks to his work, today we can get information from computers all around the world.

Difficult words: connect (to put two things together), publish (to give official information), website (a place on the Internet with information about one organization or thing).

What is the title of the first website published on the Internet by Tim Berners-Lee?


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