The day Princess Diana died – level 1


Diana is Princess of Wales. Her husband is Prince Charles. Diana and Charles aren’t happy together. They divorce in 1996.

After the divorce, Diana continues her charity work. She meets Dodi Fayed. Dodi is from Egypt. He is from a rich family.

It is August 31, 1997. Diana and Dodi are in Paris. They are happy together. After midnight, they go by taxi through Paris. Photographers follow them. They want to take pictures of Diana and Dodi together.

The car with Diana and Dodi goes really fast. The speed is 105 kilometers per hour. The car hits a wall in one of the tunnels. Dodi and the driver are dead. Diana is fighting for her life. She dies in hospital.

Difficult words: divorce (people are divorced when they end their marriage), charity (an organization which helps poor people), follow (to go behind somebody), speed (information about how fast something goes).

What motivated Diana to continue her charity work after the divorce and why was she so determined to pursue this work?


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